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Hey there! People call me Dachi!
I'm a Britfool that likes to draw sometimes ~
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Gonna beat this laptop updsfjdkfjsk <:T

Sis might be getting a tablet for me this week, a decent one C:

Um, gonna rant about my life offline, it’s gotten a bit too wordy to put on the dashboard and I don’t want to disturb you with all those paragraphs, so I’ll cut it here if you’re bothered P:

Also my god mother is creeping me out, she was at my party on Saturday and I haven’t seen her in years…since my mum cut ties with her.
The first thing after happy birthday she told me to keep her company,
which is fine by me I guess
she must be lonely since her daughter moved out years ago and she recently became a widow…for the second time >: …

But her…obsession…with me is really creepy,
even before all the misfortune she’s had, she’s only really acknowledged me out of my whole family because I’m her god daughter, she doesn’t take interest in anyone but me. I never liked how secretive she was from my family either…always creeping around in parties and planting money in my hands, telling me not to tell them.
She’s really rude and self-centered as well.

She wants me to visit her often now, I gave her my number too so I’m not going to hear the end of it. She wants to take me out…go shopping and probably spoil me rotten…
It’s like she wants to take me away from my family and throw money at me to make me like her more. She only married her most recent husband because…I really really think she was just gold-digging e___e 

Though I don’t like her much, I’d feel bad not keeping her company though…clearly she misses me after all these years, and I know that she does care for my health and well-being too. I just hope she isn’t really trying to steal me away from my family and try to own me, it worries me. But maybe I’ll be able to perceive her differently if I give her the time, maybe I’m making her out to be worse than she seems. I’ll see how it goes whenever I go visit her some time this week. Maybe when everyone’s at work, so Thursday.

Since on Tuesday I have my assessment at the mental health clinic.

Man she really puts me on edge every time I see her, my shyness doesn’t help, I tend to respond with just a nervous laugh when I don’t know what to say. I struggle to converse with older people since it’s hard to find common interests, and I draw, game, and use the internet…so I’m kinda fuqed…

How do I social