99 problems & a bitch ain't one

♫       Are you dead, or are you sleeping?
                    God, I sure hope you are dead ...

Hey there! People call me Dachi!
I'm a Britfool that likes to draw sometimes ~
I post little to no NSFW, but if anything needs a specific tag let me know and I'll get on that !

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If you've got anything on your mind and need a person to talk to, feel free to stop by and let loose, my shoulder's for you.
Or we can just chat, it's all completely okay and totally up to you ; o;)

Enjoy your stay u Vu) ♥
And have a nice day wherever you are ☼

[ Just another worthless bitch ♥ ]

☁☂ V ¡ L ¡ F Y
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Album: Super Smash Bros. Melee
Song: Fountain of Dreams
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